Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Era; 2007

Most of you know that I seperated from my ex-partner about 18 months ago! Both of us now have totally different lives and new families! I have Neil and Callum (10) and Andrew has a new girflfriend who has two kids one boy (7) and a little girl (3). The pic in the layout above is my ex's girlfriends kids and mine! (My boy is the older blonde one at the back and the batman, lol). NEVER, EVER did I think that I would ever be doing a LO about this! Mmmmm but life moves on and things change! For the better in my case! My ex sucks but his girlfriend is nice and her kids are sweet!

Journalling is at the back of the heart tag:

This photo represents a new era of society today.
A family break-up.->
Leads to the merging of *2* families units.
A new 'big' brother and ~little~ sister.
My boys "blessed" beyond belief.
Creates a BiGgIeR family unit > loving responsible parents,
and an unbreakable bond > parenthood!
Gives my children valueable life skills for their future.
Sharing, tolerance, acceptance and change.

~Photo taken 26th January 2007~

Here are some close-ups:
Journalling is at the back of this tag! It's a Basic Grey tag, I stuck on pink heart stickers and dotted around it with a silver gel pen! I also added a gold edge!
I love this foof-a-la paper!
I added green ink highlights to make it appear a little different,
and to also make it stand out a little!
Looks awesome against a mustard background I think!

Love these flowers by Peta-loo I got these super bright pink ones really cheap!
(Maybe cos nobody liked the colour).
I love it! I added white dots with a gel pen, heart stickers and a happy face button!

Just chipboard letters, with ribbon, heart stickers and gel pen added on!
Cool, makes them appear different and blends in well with the LO.

Just a title with journalling strips at the back for visual interest!

This is just a cute little circle border! I punched out the circles and gel pen doodled on them!
To add visual interest I added a PP piece with a sequin in between! :)

My bottom border: Is paint chips with dots, flower rub-ons (coloured in)
and a plastic circle strip! Down the bottom is just a ribbon!
Cheers Lisa :)