Sunday, February 11, 2007

Evil one, scrapbooking and rockin eye wear!

Weight; > piss off!

I feel soooo bad! I weighed myself tonight! I have put on 12 kilos since I met Neil in May 06! Agh! I am so annoyed at myself! Meeting a new man and eatting out all the time has done this, grrrrr! Not happy!
Anyway it's going!!!!!
As of tommorrow it shall be gone!
The fat!
Goodbye evil one!!!!!

Scrapbooking! None this weekend :) I can't scrap all the time! I have so many other passions that I attend to! Thank god! Hobbies and art, esp art, is only good in moderation!

Rockin eye wear!
I am on the hunt for glasses! I want three pairs! I one for going out, one for (very) casual and one to wear with jeans! D&G and Dior and my fav's! Valentino has the best glasses, they are like mini pieces of art! (but I am looking for comfort ONLY). $250.00 so I will be only getting one pair at this point! I hate cheap glasses! Most are uncomfortable and cheap shit! As u can see I am shitty cos my glasses broke on Saturday night! I have spent about $300.00 in the past 18 months on 5 pairs and I have nothing to show for it!