Friday, February 16, 2007


I have almost finished cleaning the house from top to bottom. (don't ask about the walk-in-robe but, it's messy, I need to organise it and can't be bothered right now).
Just need to go to the shops to buy some food for the weekend and hire lots of DVD's! Neil will put up the pool / slip and slide when he gets home! I pick up my boys soon and we collect Callum from the city at 11pm! We have pizza for tea and we chilli out watching DVD's. Pretty cool!

Not to sure what we are doing with the boys yet! We have cool stuff for the boys set up outside and I brought 300 water ballons so they can go crazy! Last time we did water balloons, I splatted Neil in the face and had to RUN inside to safety! (lol, I am women).

Scrapbooking and stuff:
Late at night; I Plan on finishing off old Lo's that need completing. (boring). I am working on a birthday LO for Owen and this awesome metal art doll I found at a second hand store. I am also painting an aborginal inspired painting on canvas for my bedroom! (I do that bit by bit as it is totally time consuming). I am still in the planning /pratice stages :) I use old canvas to experiment! I am off to buy a big canvas for it tommorow! We will see how it turns out! :) Lots of stuff, but I get bored easy and when I do I moved on to the next project! (So I don't rush to get one project finished and destroy it in the process, lol).

Inspired by everything, including awesome funky shops like this one!
I have been totally inspired by fashion this past week :)

Last week owen got in trouble for not listening in class! I found this picture on the floor in my car this morning, little poo didn't show me! Anyway I think the pic rocks, I couldn't do it better myself! Lol!

Quote Today:
I believe you can't appreciate real love till you've been burned {Savage Garden}