Friday, February 09, 2007


This is my first post for the Aussie Dare Site! :)

What will your Legacy be>?

It starts with me
I am the first in my family who will be
educated all the way.....
(degree, honours & masters)

I have learnt that books,
learning, education = PoWeR
Not dominate power over others,
BUT inner power, within ones self.

A trained mind, a compassionate mind, is a sucessfull mind.
A mind that will be able to overcome all obstacles
that life throws at it
A mind that will not fall prey to illness and disease
A mind that will be unique and unlike any other
A mind that will have the PoWeR to believe
to believe in themselves
to believe in others

I want my three boys to be proud of me
and I want to be proud of them

I want them to carry on life's legacy;
which is;
~to live with compassion~

I loved this LO topic, it really made me think! What legacy what I like to leave behind for my children>? I would like them to be educated and compassionate human beings! That's it! If my three boys grew up to have compassion in their hearts, that's it I have done my job, here on earth! "Todays world it so violent.... :( We need more compassion, we all need to be a little bit of a super hero!

I had trouble scanning (again) so I have included little close up scans!

My three beautiful boys!

Cheers LISA!