Sunday, January 28, 2007

Australia day

Australia day Friday the 26th of January 2007!

On Friday my baby boy Owen turned 7! The photo below is me, I had only just tuned 22 and was in labour with my first child. (Mmmm don't ya just love labour pics). I am holding a little tiny Australia flag, Lol!

It was really special to have my first baby being born on such a special day. I felt so proud!

My boy is 7! OMG, I am the mother of a 7 year old!!! Far out! I hope Owen has really good year this year! Things have almost come to a stop (legal wise) between his day and me. He has a new fanstic dad Neil and is starting at a new school! Things are looking up :)

This is Owen holding a MASSIVE 7 balloon I brought for his party! Lol!

A few of the kids at the party!

Some of the kids playing in the pool before the party!

Neil playing parcel the parcel with the kids :)

Owen and his cake :)

Owen got soooo many stars wars and lego presents!
He also got a pet two cute little Hermit crabs!
They ROCK!! I love them!

I just finished a mini album and LO off so I will post soon! :)
Cheers Lisa!