Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Candle wall art

On my computer I have a whole section on home decor ideas! I thought I would start sharing some 'pretty' things I have found. I have also been buying Vogue Living and those sort of art inspired home decor! (which I totally love).
I am a massive candle lover! Every single night without fail I have candles going. They calm and relax me. Just before mothers day Target had all sorts of pretty metal art candle holders for sale. (like 40-50% off). I went crazy and put 6 different candle holders on layby. 1 pretty set for my bedroom wall, one for my dinning room wall, 1 for my lounge room wall and 3 lots for my hall way ;) I hope to have metalic feature wall's > so how pretty is that gonna look! :D

I think a home should reflect the personality of it's owner.