Tuesday, June 19, 2007

PMDD and other stuff

I have been pretty unwell yet again for this past week! I am going to the doctor tommorrow morning to get two more medications added to the one I am ready taking. One is a mood stabilizer that sounds soooo goooood right now.......bring it on! PMDD is let me say >>>> destroying my life right now. Everything has been a waiting game.

Here is a website: http://www.emedicine.com/med/topic3357.htm listing what I have to put up with two weeks of a month! Yes half of my life right now.

This is a lady's blog who also suffers from PMDD! http://pmdd.wordpress.com/. It's an awesome read for anyone who suffers even just bad PMS!

Hormone issues are such a taboo topic in our society that's why I want to write about my experience!

ok that was heavy! But's it my blog so I don't care! lol!

Anyway I went shopping this morning and found these cute froggy pads and charms! (Below) Love 'em! Now I just have to use them!

I haven't been very creative (haven't felt like it > been down) so I ordered a poppy ink sub!! I am getting the June kit and the tapp shoes add-on soon and I can't wait!

Love Lisa xoxxo