Friday, June 08, 2007

What I have been up to>?

I haven't done much scrapbooking latelty! I have had no desire to scrap at all. Just BUY! lol! No expensive amounts just bits and pieces here and there! I don't feel gulity about buying stuff only when I don't use it.


What I have been doing:
* I cleaned up my scrapbook cupboard again last week! I am such a messy thing with my supplies.
* I brought a bike and a pink pretty helmet last weekend and went for my first ride on it today. lol! I am trying to get fit and lose the weight I have put on!
* Mia my new baby girl doggy is doing really well. She has a flat little tummy (eats well) and is as adorable as eva.
* Right now my house is a little messy! I have done nothing put scrap today on my day off. My boys are going to their dad's tonight for the week. I will clean tommorrow when I have no one around to bother me.
* Neil is working every day this long weekend. 12 hrs on Saturday and Sunday and 8 hours on Monday. More $$$ for our house.
* Tonight we are going out to dinner and to see Hostel 2 at the movies! I can't wait! I love thiller/horror movies and Hostel 1 was awesome!
* I will be scrapbooking and watching DVD's by myself this weekend! I haven't had gulit free time like that by myself in 2 years! Michelle and/or Louise if you are not doing anything > join me :D

I came on her to post a LO but blogger is playing up now!~ :( Grrrrrr

How cool is this.................

I love it!!! It's like an inspiring corkboard!!!! A little piece of self made visual art! I love it! You could change the visual details whenever~! To fit in with the different seasons, birthdays, special events or just pretty it up! I love it!!!

I will post my layout tommorrow! The one inspired by a kitchen :D