Sunday, September 21, 2008

Two more..

This layout is about empathy and compassion and what it means. The journalling I did is about three pages long. I wrote my experiences, stories and got quotes and words of wisdom from inspirational people.

I want my boys scrapbook pages to have 'words of wisdom' and be a sort of 'life guide'. I think that's more important to me then anything. I mean words of wisdom from your mother, father, grandparents will be seen as a treasure when they get older and "we" have passed on. My boys are lucky. I didn't really know my grandpa's so I would love to have had something from them, like a letter, words of advice, to know their life story, etc.

This layout is about the day I finally got help for my post-natal depression.
On this day I rang up my mum and my husband . They came rushing home from work to my aid. Both of them spoke to me and told me to go to the doctor the next day so I did. (and thus I finally got the help I needed). My mum the angel she is feed the boys and gave them a spa bath. She didn't feel the spa up high enough so the water jets soaked both me, my mum and my husband (ex). (my boys screamed their heads off). This is the photo I have to remember the day by! ;) Atleast it's a funny photo to look back on!!!
I'm glad I created this. I want my boys to know how hard it is for us mothers sometimes. Esp, their own mother. Maybe they will grow up to be more compassionate men, husbands and fathers.
Lisa :)

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