Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our weekend in pictures


I have 4 mini albums on the go now. A grandparent album, a mummy one, a general story one and a love one (my 3rd anniversary present to us). They are all going well! When I run out of ideas (or my mind becomes blah, or if I need something and don't have it) I'll just work on the next one. It's great as it keeps everything running smooth. I also have a couple more mini albums I want to create > maybe I might just create the covers and do the insides as I am doing now > bit by bit! (I want to do a mini album about our weekend adventures, a brotherhood album, one about my parents and brother). Ohh I also forgot I also have an on going mini about me! :) I know it's crazy! But it's all meaningful and I really heart mini's!