Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Finally a layout post!

I am soooo happy I got my scanner working again! It was always working but I lost the programe disk! I forgot that I installed it on my laptop! Soooo happy, that I don't have to take bloody crappy pictures again! (only of my mini albums which I HATE doing).

My layout:
Ok, I create this using this layout using this kit. http://lisale-ray.blogspot.com/2009/08/studio-calico-august-kit.html It's Studio Calico's September kit! It's a pretty simple LO, it didn't take to long, which is great! I got this little frame stamp in the main kit so I, stamped out heaps of frames and cut them up, inked them and placed small bits of patterned paper in them. I got a Jenni Bowlin pad so I used it to create two journalling pads, one for journalling before and after my birthday! ;) I love these little basic grey woolies, they are sooooo cute and perfect for LO's with kidlets in them!

My birthday:
December last year (2008), me, Niall and the boys went out for a simple family dinner. After when we got home Niall brought out this pretty and very girly cake (which I thought was super sweet). Niall brought me a pair of gold triangle earrings. (they are amazing and super funky and very me). I was shocked that he picked them out for me. The boys got me two boxes of chocolates and covered the family room in little notes and pictures for me! (So when I got up I would be suprised.) So cute! !

(Below: My Layout. My favourite colour to scrap in is now yellow, I love it)
(A close up of the journalling. Which is very simple. There is about two A4 pages of journalling.
I have cut up each word and stuck it down on the pad paper. I really love doing this now. Even though it does take an hour or so to do it! I want it to fit perfectly on the pad!)

This is a close up of the stamp frame cut up and a piece of pattered paper inside.
It's so simple and fun to do! Studio Calico sell the stamps for about $3.00 us dollars!

Ohhhh I love the joy of sharing, my scrapbooking but more importantly my life, with you my friends and others out there.......... ;)

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