Monday, December 04, 2006

Good Karma!

My mum brought me this necklace on Wednesday! I LOVE IT ! She brought it from the community aid aboard shop! (They import handmade stuff from eastern countries). This one was made it Tibet Nepal (rock on) and it has writting on it which means "Good Karma"!
OMG christmas is sooooo close! This is my cat playing with the christmas decorations! The little bugger knocks them down and flings them around on the floor. I caught her this time!!!! Grrr!

My New hair cut! (well not really new). I am getting a colour on Wednesday! *So Happy*
On Friday night Neil and I went to our local pub for tea and then we went for a drive to Glenelg. We love to walk along holdfast shores and look at the all apartments and beautiful boats! We played golf at the beach house I won!! Then we had a yummy chocolate drink at starbucks!

On Saturday we went to the Tanunda for one of Neils work's christmas parties. We check into our room that my mum booked for us~! It was a train/hotel! ie: Our room was a train, lol! Pretty cool experience, I have never stayed on a train before! I brought my camera but forgot the chip, so no pics! But we have to go back on the 16th again for another work christmas party, we get to stay over again! So I will be taking lots of photos this time! I had tootache ache on Saturday night so we left the party at 10pm. On Sunday I went back to Adeliade to get some nurfeon quick I had pain and a massive headache! We had breakfast at maccas and then went x-mas shopping for 5 hrs, we nearly brought all three boys x-mas present!
I saw this beautiful book a few weekends ago in the city and I am so going to buy it! "When I grow up, I wanna be just like ME". Its stunning the illustrations and beautiful and are pop-outs! It would look awesome on a funky stand!
I haven't had time to scrapbook at all! Once I clean up the house today I might get some time after that! I have two layouts planned I just have to write the journalling and pull out all of my scrap supplies! (which is in a massive mess).
My scrapbook stuff is driving me crazy! I used to have a scrap room but now I don't! I never scrapbooked in there anyway (lol) but all of my supplies had a home! Now my walk in robe is their home! Not good! I am thinking of either buying a big massive cupboard or clearing out Neils Linen cupboard (and moving everything to the laundry). Any ideas>?