Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Inspiration and Goals:

Searching for some inspiration:
I look on art.com for inspiration and I almost always come back to Klimt! I LOVE his abstract art hidden within his fine art! All the swirls, triangles, circles, stars (etc), are brillant!

Scrap space:
Today while at the shops , I brought 28 glass jars in 5 different sizes to oragnise my space better! (I plan on making my own labels for them soon). I hope to gradually clean up my stuff and..... maybe then I might be inspired to scrapbook! All my jars and photo boxes of stuff will all be going into a built in cupboard right next to our lounge room! That way it's hidden and I am close by to the TV! (I get bored if I don't watch TV!)
I can't wait to have all that organised and then I will work on the rest of the house. When everything is clean and orgainsed I feel good and happy! Not anxious and annoyed! My goal is to have the house beautiful by christmas! (We are having my family over on Christmas eve!).

I need some of this at the moment:
"inspiration: a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul."
Love Lisa :)