Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My boys :)


I saw five newborns yesterday and two today! I saw one little baby at Caleb's daycare and I went up for a closer look! But that's it! It didn't make me want one at all, lol! God no, but they are so tiny and cute! Neil and I talked about children last night and I know I don't want anymore for sure! Six months and both my boys will be in school! I am independent, my own person now and I am free to do what I want when I want! And I am only 29! And I love that! Never had that before as I was only 21 when I got pregnant with Owen! Nat I couldn't possibly go back to nappies, bottles, tantrums and the toddler stage! I still have post traumatic stress disorder from the toddler stage, lol! I saw a little girl screaming her head off at the shops today, totally embarrasing her poor mama, :( Kids can be so horrible sometimes!
My boys are at that awesome age, 7 and nearly 5! They do what they are told (most of the time), they have manners and I am so proud of them! I could never say that with 100% honesty before! :)

Reward System:
My boys have to earn enough stickers to recieve a suprise at the end of the week! They have to get 10 or more stickers to get a toy. I tease them by placing the toy on top of the fridge! They know they can have it, if they work hard to get it! They get a sticker by doing good at school (I ask the teacher), tidying up their room, getting dressed in the morning without fighting, doing extra tasks, cleaning up for each other (lol!) etc, etc!

This is the sticker chart! A paper square with their photo on it!
At the moment they have 4 stickers each!

This is their presents waiting on the fridge!
The Bionicle and Star Wars is Owen's and the Batman is Caleb's.

Cheers Lisa! xoxox