Sunday, February 25, 2007

My LO for the Aussie Dares Site :)

I did this LO for the Aussie Dares Site :) Be inspired by Asia!
While looking on the internet for inspiration I came across a site full of Chinese Proverbs. I found this one; "A book is like a garden carried in the pocket", and loved it! So this Chinese proverb became the inspiration behind this layout!

The layout is about my love of books!
~Books~ I love reading books about the things I am passioinate about. I only read non-fiction books, give me a fiction book and I would throw it at the wall! I am interested in books on human rights, war, cultural biographies, pyschology and buddism.The books I choose offen reflect my state of mind at the time. When I am inspired I love reading books about Nelson Mandela, his life and speeches. When I am sad, I turn to the Dalia Lama's books. When I want to learn, I read books on people's struggles with, life, death and mental illness. For an instant reality check I read books on the psycological effects of war and other cruel sufferings. Reading gives me a; "If they can get thru this, then I can do anything" attitude! What can be better then that>?

Favourite Books:
* Meaning of Life by Vicktor E. Frankl.
* Wheel of Life By Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.
* An Open Heart by the Dalia Lama.

Boys: The best lesson I can give you in life is this "Read". It will give you the power to believe in yourself > "That you can do anything attitude!"

Some close-ups:

TFL Lisa xoxox