Sunday, January 21, 2007

Weekend Stuff:

Friday night I watched a few action movies with Neil and Callum! I couldn't be bothered doing anything creative. They all fell asleep in the lounge room, I watched a movie in my bedroom. They went to sleep and I had this sudden urge to scrap, and I did until 5am in the morning. I created this art canvas to go on the wall. It's about the three boys coming together as friends and new little brothers. Callum drew the pic, awesome personal touch I think and straight from the heart! I think I might hang it in the hall way! I am really happy with it 'kiddy-like' but I love personal hand made things around my house.

The canvas in very thick on the side so I painted it in cream and added 5 rows of sequins! It took forever!!!!

My brother and his girlfriend Em come to my house for a coffee! My brother is 25 and such a cool guy! A few hours after that my friend Amy came over! We watched a movie and looked thru art magazines! Awesome day! She brought me two presents:

The first one was this awesome little calender (which I HAD to decorate with sequins, lol). I love love love it!!!! Totally me!!!

She dangles down inside on a string of beads, how cool is that! :D
and the second present I was hoping for a budda and guess what......
I got me a Budda head! I love Buddism she know it and loves it to!!! (she is the only person that would buy me awesome stuff like this).

I also brought this calander at rabbit photo for $6.00 and will stick on a 6x8 photo every month of the boys! :)

Sunday Chill out day today!!! NO KIDS!!!! Happy!!! Quiet! Awesome! My cat Olivia is also happy again see: (Below) U see doesn't like the kids noise and running around! Caleb my 4 year old picks her up puts her in his room, closes the door and annoys her! Poor thing!! I love my meow! I brought her an 'o' charm for her collar the other week! So cute!

Life has been FULL-ON for two weeks straight! Neil and I are going to kick back, chill out and have a drink tonight! Massage, candles, DVD playing, oil burner!!!!! SO HAPPY! When he falls asleep I will create!!!!