Friday, January 19, 2007

Inspired by......

This cool Lion I found on a art website! Awesome!
This awesome dog! I was thinking about buying a box and covering it with comic papers for my boys room! To cool!

This wall, is so cool! I have seen it on heaps of websites and in mags! I love the effect but would rather it have some sort of meaning ie; have a hidden meaning on the wall, rather then just letters! It's a cool 'art' effect, I have to say!

I love love love art mags! Esp, the Art collector!!! Totally cool!

I love all the adverts inside! They have heaps and heaps of cool art designs and art ideas!
Love this cool add below, awesome paint effect!
I love the art below, it would make for a really cool LO design!

I Love shadow boxes!! There are some really cool small and large ones around! When I finish painting the walls in my home I am going to have a couple of these awesome boxes on my walls. To display meaningful / artie stuff I have collected.

I love the add below it reminds me off those cut out people I used to make at school, with the cookie shaped people! Awesome!!! ..... and I love the green background to!