Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Good Day > Today :)

Good day today! I had to finish off some work at home in the morning and then I headed off down to my mum's house to finalise my cheque for my property settlement! It is all over now! (Thank god). Mum and I had a nice lunch at the Goodwood Hotel ;)

Mum was a bit shocked about what happened to her on Sunday night! She went out to dinner and some food got stuck down her windpipe. Mum couldn't breathe, she was calm but in shock! Everyone around her went into shock watching her~! My dad wrapped his arms around her back 4 times to try and push it out with no luckl! He then hit her back hard and it came out! If my dad wasn't there mum would have died! I still can't believe it and my mum is still in shock! (anyway I brought her lunch and a wine today > poor thing).

On the way home I stopped off at the scrapbook station :) I thought "stuff it", I will buy myself a few nice things while I am up this way and I did! I brought a Maya Road 8x8 chipboard album, a circle tin album and some nice PP's and other cool little accents I can make my own! On the way back it took something like 40 minutes to get home due to a 5 or 6 car pile up! Agh, poor things, I glad it wasn't me! When I got home I had to rush out again (before the shops closed), to do some banking and put my car in to get some new tyres! While that was happening Neil and I had a drink at a cafe across the road! *Simple pleasures* After that Neil played out in the shed while I played on the computer with my photo's! I am so glad we can *do our own things* and still be happy!

These are my pics for the challenge on Scrapbook Station:
"Get your camera out! Show me your favourite item(s) in you house!"
{My favourite picture, it's just so beautiful}
{I love this it's so arty and me. She is really heavy on the wall}

{This is my awesome pink budda head, I brought the other day}

{This is a close-up of the head ;) I glued on all the sequins and copper beads! It took 4eva!}

{This is my vase women. I love her she is just so > funky!
She was hand-made by a women named Eve in 1994}

That's it!