Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today :)

Today / Little Story:
Bit of a slow day today! I have Neil's best mate coming around for tea tonight! He is "single" and in his mid 40's Adelaide girls! :D He is such awesome guy and has the best personality!

He told me this story last time I saw him: When he was 21 his Girlfriend went off the pill so that she could become pregnant. Dave had only known her for a few months! Omg! Anyway, she had the baby and then left him! Dave wanted custody of the baby because she didn't 'really' want him! The mother would go to the pub, get drunk and pick up, while the baby would crawl around on the floor and sleep under the tables! Wtf! Dave was so angry! He had to pay the stupid women just to see his own son! Then one day when the mother met a new guy she decided that she wanted to live up in Darwin with him. She brought a two person ute and listen to this "they brought some rope to tie the little boy up in, so that he could go in the ute without any touble." Dave found out and told her he would take the baby, so that she could get settled up in Darwin. She agreed, Dave couldn't believe it! He went straight to the police and then hired a lawyer to gain custody of the baby boy! The stupid bloody mother came back to Adeliade to get her son. But Dave was awarded full custody of him because of her lifestyle and because her OWN family wanted Dave to have him. Now Dave's son is 24 and is just about to travel around the world! He hasn't seen his mother since! Dave and his son are the best of mates :D What an amazing story hey>? :)

Mini Album:
I made this Little Valentines Mini Album a while back! I thought I would scan it and post it here! It has pics, journalling and little bits and pieces I collected from the day! :D

Art and Craft Stuff: I have almost finished the little wall bookself thingy that will hold 6 little wooden mini album's. I just need to add a few finishing touches! Then I will need to buy a hook and get Neil to hang it up. (He loves it). I still need to finish the 6 mini wooden albums that will sit on the self. (I have brought them and printed out the photo's and journalling, I just have to put it all together). 1 mini Album will be of me and Neil, 1 of Callum, 1 of Owen, 1 of Caleb, 1 of my parents and 1 of my brother and his girlfriend! :) The bookself will go on a wall between the kitchen and family room! :) I will post the mini albums as I finish them!

More scanned pic's: I scanned another bunch of negatives! It takes 30 plus minutes just to do 1 set! Soooo I am going very slowly!

These are some pics of my boys from Easter 2003!

{Caleb not a Happy Bunny}
{Caleb 9 Months}
{Owen age three}

That's all folks!