Sunday, August 16, 2009

Awesome weekend!

We had a beautiful seafood dinner last night and it was so beautiful! Flowers, candles, some seafood, while watching a movie, awesome! After we ate some chocolates and had a bowl of popcorn and spent the rest of the night watching more movies. We fell and asleep and woke up at 2am! What a great relaxing night! I really love my man! The time we spend together means so much to me.

Today Niall and I caught up with my parents and brother and Emily his girlfriend (of 10 years mind u) for a yummy lunch! We had some yummy food and a yummy dessert, mum brought me a yummy cocktail to> a chocolate one mmmmm! After lunch we went and played at one of those gaming places called tons of fun! We had a ball in there, so much so that I forgot to take some pics! But I did take a pic of the paper tickets we won today! (when the boys come next week we'll take them to see a movie and then to tons of fun and give them all the tickets we won! (you can buy little toys and lollies and stuff with the tickets).


Tommorrow I'll do a layout post! I'll make it a regular thing, I'll try to post a few layouts per week! Showing them on my blog and on other sites might get me motivated to scrap more! I am sooooo looking forward to getting my two kits! They come on the 1st of next month (september). Scarlet lime has a project kit that you can buy with it, so I will get that for a bit of fun! (They are also going to send me Augusts rock and roll project mini album). Studio Calico has 3 add-on kits so with any luck I'll buy all 3! I might also get some extra cardstock, papers and a couple of stamps! (There stamps are awesome). I am still waiting for Augusts kit this month from studio calico (as i just joined last week), so I'll have that kit, plus 2 add-on's to play around with! So I will be busy next month, in a fun way! >>>> :) Isn't life awesome!!!!

Well tommorrow night we are off to the city to spend a night in a beautiful spa suite, can't wait!

Off to chill!
Lisa xoxoxo

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