Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Treat For Myself:

I was on Two Peas website (which I hardly go on anymore, and everything else) I stumbled across scrapbook kits! I had a poppy ink subscription for a year and totally loved it! So I thought stuff it I'll get a subscription or two if I can find a couple of "unique" places and I did! I found Studio Calico and Scarlet Lime ! OMG!! They have awesome funky kits which are totally me and my style (bright but a wee bit vintage).
Studio Calico is my favourite so far! They offer unique items in the kits! They have vintage stuff, plus they make their own stamps, papers, and emblishements! So cool! It's gonna be fun for me! For me scrapbooking is about "fun" and imagine getting a package full of beautiful little suprises each and every month! I will be getting as many add-on's as I want (they are also very cool). They just seem to have so many unique things that I have never seen before!

This month I order the "Over the rainbow" kit, which is the MAIN kit this month:

and this add-on:
and this add-on:

and these papers which are designed by Studio Cailco:

With the poppy ink kits I used every kit and most of the emblishments and papers every month! It's like your own personal unique challenge (to your self). It's like coming out of the box in away and I will be working with alot of things I might not have brought myself, but end up with an album of "different sytles and colors!

One thing I have found out is I kinda dislike doing layouts and LOVE doing mini's. Mini's come together super quick and easy for me! I find it fits my style better as I am a story teller! I hardly ever (and I mean ever) do a layout without it having some special meaning or story behind it! If it has no journalling then I find it hard to be inspired about creating the layout! I have done 2 layouts a month ago with no journalling, as it was my kids just having a ball playing with bubbles but I loved creating it as I think the picture told the story and nothing needed to be said! (well I have to admit that I did write a little bit). Layouts look awesome in an album so I hope I get going again soon!

After I bloody find my camera re-charger I will post some layouts and things! I have also made about 6 mini albums to sell! (I have sold 3 already which was awesome).

Ok, the kiddies are in bed so I will go back and play. I got an order on Monday, which was made up of the new earth love, the boyfriend and Jolly by golly collection by cosmo criket, and I got the 3 ducks in a row, night light and road maps by october afternoon.

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