Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I can't decided?......and the hospital visit!

I just can't decided which one of these beautiful beeswax canvas prints I want to buy! (They cost $75.00 US dollars it's 12x12 inch). I want to hang it in my lounge room!

This one below is beautiful! I used to swing all the time as a child! I have brown hair and brown eyes and I wore a yellow dress similar to the one below! :) ...........and it has a huge focal point (the girl on the swing) which will stand out heaps in my lounge room! ;)

It's on cavas and the print has a layer of beewax so cool!

I really really love this one (below) but I think in a large lounge room the picture has no large image to give it a real good focal point. For this reason it wouldn't stand out as much!

This one is stunning and it has a large enough focal point! (the girl)

This one is also awesome (but I prefer the one above).
I brought these awesome funky arse ru-on's I can't wait to get these little babies!
and these stickers which are dying to be in my mini books aren't you babies! :)

My youngest boy Caleb ended up at the hospital two nights ago as he split his nose (and I mean split his nose) ou our heater! I had to rush him up to the womens and childrens hospital to see the plastics doctor! He covered it with paper stiches and we have to go back again on Monday to see what else needs to be done! I feel for him as it will scar but my baby runs around the house (like a typical boy) being silly all the time. Ohhh well he is a boy what more can I expect!

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