Saturday, August 08, 2009

Our weekend so far and my fur baby!

On the way home from school yesterday I decided to not only cook a nice lasange for tea but to decorate the table pretty! I went around the shops with the boys after school and picked up the stuff for tea, a bunch of flowers for the table, a candle for a centre piece and some pretty glass tea lights. With a pretty vintage table cloth, flowers and candles the table looked so pretty. We had a yummy lasange for dinner and some peanutbutter and white choc chip icecream for dessert (the best icecream on the face of this earth). A nice and relaxing start to the night! After dinner we (all four of us watched TV) and went to bed.
Today was the best day ever, it was just soooo relaxing! Niall and my boys put up our pool fence (they only have 1 more panel to go) and I watched some movies and scrapped in the lounge room all day long with Mia (my dog) next to me. We went out for tea tonight together and now we are just chillin out! Niall is sleeping on the lounge, me on the puter and the boys are watching cartoons on foxtel.

I recieved a few etsy packages this week! I got 1 pack of stamps and some prints (another post below). I'm still waiting on some other stamps, some astro boy prints, a print for my laundry and my cute boy dolly which the lady finished today!
I want to buy Mia some Pj's as it's cold at night in our room! But while I was looking on etsy for Pj's I came across sooooo many sweet dresses for her!!! I can't wait for warm spring and summer when we can take her out to cafes! She is the most behavioured dog EVER! My dog would sit in a bag or on your lap if you told her. She's brillant and has a beautiful personality! She can be shy with people she doesn' know but she is very social when she warms up to you! She wears Pj's at night, dresses when we go out and about and simple T-shirts/dresses at home! I have her hair cut back VERY short and she is tiny!!!! so she gets really cold in winter and at night! (I'll take some more pics of her soon).

This is my favourite pic of her below, with her red bow on her head:

........and these are some cute puppy pics of her! If you know me, you know just how much I adore this dog!!! There is nothing I wouldn't do for her!

There are 4 etsy ladys who make awesome doggy clothes! I brought these all from one lady tonight! 2 set of PJ's and two cute comfortbale dresses she can wear around the house. I got these pics of the ladys etsy site! If you have a dog the Pj's cost $20 us dollars and the dresses are $18.

Cute hey and I love the models! ;)

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