Wednesday, August 05, 2009

This little boy..... turning 1 this month! He is my boys step brother! For his first birthday present I have brought him a book (fairy tales for 1 year olds), 2 outfits for summer........

..................and I'm getting him this cute little boys doll! Made by this lady at etsy:

Isn't he the cutest boy dolly you have ever seen in your life? I think Lucian will love carrying it around and snuggling him in bed! It's one of those dolls you keep as a keepsake as it's cute and handmade with love!

I'm also making him an album containing all his photos and keepsakes from his first year of life! I brought this AC album!

........and this cute Duckie line from October Afternoon! (one of my favourite company's right now). I love the fact that when they bring out a line they bring out a range of different products ranging from papers, stickers, cards, journalling cards and stickers, rub-on's, letter stickers, and stamps! (and not just papers). Perfect for us mini bookers! Plus the fact that there lines have a "theme"!!!!!

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