Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hotel Stay...

Was so awesome and relaxing! WE had 2 spa's, watched 2 movies on the king sized bed, had a massage and went out for dinner on runndle street!

This shower was awesome!

When me and Niall do up our bathroom we are going to knock down a wall to create a massive bathroom which will have a corner 2 person spa! I love spa's and used to have one at my house in Mawson lakes! I had a spa EVERYDAY after dinner once the boys went to bed! I had bubble bath candles and a book (or sometimes my partner). It was awesome and just so relaxing!

This was another awesome feature about the hotel! It has a spa pool on the 5 level! It looks out to all the city lights! We might come back in the summer time, when it's not cold!
(the water is heated, so it will be like a bath in the summer time).

Anyway life is really good right now! I love my life and am lucky to have such a awesome man in my life who treats me like a princess!
xoxoxo Princess Lisa

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