Thursday, August 20, 2009

The places we go...

The photo (in this layout) was taken in 2006 not long after I met Niall. I took him to one of my favourite little parks in Greenwith. It's hidden away at the back of some houses and has a beautiful creek running right through it. I lived in Greewwith (2000-2002) while our house was getting built at Mawson Lakes. I used the park to take a break out for myself, to walk the kids in the pram and sometimes I would take my journal with me and write. On this day I took a bunch of nice photo's of my new man and my boys! It was kinda weird but kinda nice at the same time spending time with Niall at the park with my boys. I would never have know back then, that in the future I'd have a new boyfriend and be strolling around with him in this very park!! The layout contains journalling about my favourite parts of the park ;)

My favourite part of the layout are these scrolls! ;) I'm gonna have a go at doing another scroll layout in the future! I might do a bright funky layout this time! (Bad thing about them is that they take forever to make).

Looks better irl! I kate taking pics of layouts! I'm trying to get my scanner up and going again!