Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Weekend:

Its cool having a blog and sharing my life with everybody! It's so weird that I don't even let Neil read my blog or any other family members for that matter! It's kinda my personal thoughts about hobbies that I know other women and scrapbookers would enjoy reading (I think)! But my family wouldn't if you know what I mean>? I also haven't told my friends (accept Amy) about my blog as they might think it is lame and dorky! Ohh well blog on....

The Weekend:
So tired after after a busy weekend! On Friday night Neil and I had some friends over for tea.... pizza hut, lol! It was a pretty hot night so the boys played with water balloons and had fun in the pool! Little buggers jumped from the trampoline into the pool!

42 degrees or more on Saturday, NOT HAPPY! I hate it super hot!! Grrrrrr! My boys went to my mum and dads in the evening to see happy feet at the cinema. I went to a Christmas party with these two handsome men, lucky me!

Just look are these cute 'thong feet'..... Awwww so cute! Summer is totally here :)

On Sunday I was meant to go to my cousins x-mas party, but Neil and I have all three kiddies this weekend and she isn't a very 'kiddy person'! (She doesn't have kids). With a SMS like: 'are you bring the rug-rats'! I don't think so! Get stuffed mate! Nat, can't be bottered with people like that! My kids are sooooo important to me! They always COME FIRST!
Anyway we went bowling instead! Lol ;)