Friday, December 08, 2006

Rockin ArT!

I LOVE Nataha Wescoat's amazing ART! She rocks! I am totally inspired by it! I found her work ages ago and I am such a lover of it!
Abstract art rocks my world! It's my favourite form of art! I have a funky hardcover scrapbook (that I brought from borders bookstore) which I cut out and place out outs of all the abstract art I love! When it comes time to create a layout, I just flip through my book! I always find something cool to get inspired from! I very rarely ever buy/look at scrapbook magazines! (only when I am bored and I know I have to wait along time ie: doctor or dentist).
Amy and I are going to do some art next week and I can't wait! I have two pieces on the go, one is an abstract butterfly (oil on wood) and the other is a beautiful fairy (watercolour on cavas)! The oil paints are very time consuming and sometimes a pain! The background took 48 hours just to dry! Some when I am waiting for the oil one to dry I start on the watercolour one!
I hope to post a couple layouts next week! I HATE stiching them with a passion!
Cheers baby, have a good weekend!