Friday, December 08, 2006


My Goals:
I looked back thru my journal (so interesting to see when I was in life a year ago) and found an entry written on 31st December 2005; My goals for 2006.

My goals for 2006:
I hope to practise my art more then ever before.
I hope to keep-up with my boys scrapbooking albums.
I want to do volunteer work.
I want to meet some nice 'new' friends' this year.
I want to date men. (somehting completley new to me).
Do well at university.
Get a job I like to get me thru university.
Move out of my parents house!

(The ones in red I achieved).

My goals for 2007:
Lose more weight and get super fit.
Start martial arts again.
Do really well at university.
Get a full time job.
Practice public speaking.
Work-on my adademics.
Read more books.
Be the artist I want to be.
Buy a better camera and take more photos.
Learn about different cultures.
Learn how to dance.
Get out, have fun and socialise more.
Start yoga, pilates and meditation.
Get into reading about Buddism again.
Practice natural therpies.

My Future:
Inspired to lose weight and get super fit! Losing more weight and getting super fit is high on my list! I want to try and get into the police force next year so that I have a good career to help pay my way thru uni! I have always wanted to join and next year I want to be ready! I have two ways I could go with with my psychology degrees either, clinical in the hospital or forensic with the police force (i really want a government job). I am looking foward to working and having a 'life' of my own now. I had Owen my first baby at 22 and since then, my life has been devoted to them! Next year my youngest will be at school, so I will be 29 and have two kiddies at school! Not bad! You probably think I am horrible but I love the thought of 'self' freedom! I have had so much pain in my life and now it seems to have come to an end! I can't wait to see what 2007 has to offer me! *I am really happy! *

Have to kick some arse next year baby!