Monday, December 11, 2006


The photo above was taken in 2002, my boys first x-mas together! Soooo cute!

Christmas 2006:
Christmas is so expensive! I have spent over $4,000 in one month, on Christmas, medical bills and bills in general! Agh! I always save cash to have a dept free Christmas though! I don't even own a credit card (I am happy to say)! It's just the food shopping for me now!
For Christmas this year we are having Christmas eve at my house with all the traditional food (etc). Christmas morning will also be at my house because I have young kids! I will be making everyone a yummy breakfast! Christmas lunch/tea is at my brothers house! Boys go to my ex's house. In the evening Neil and I are staying at the hyatt hotel! A room with a spa, king sized bed and foxtel! We are going to order room service for dessert! With are going to exchange Christmas gifts then! Can't wait! I need the break!


I pod.
X-box game 'Smack down vs Raw 2007.
WWW wrestling ring and two wrestlers.

X-box game 'Stars Lego 2'.
Pokemon folder and complete card set.
Pokemon battle game.
Full collectors set of Stars Wars men.

Soccer net, cones, a ball and a soccer DVD.
Bulls-eye Woodys horse in Toy Story.
Slinky dog from Toy Story.
Mr Potatoe head.
Superman cape.

I also got the boys a Christmas Stocking each and a really really cool 'Slip and Slide' to share! My brother is getting them a new pool! My mum and dad have brought Owen and Caleb these massive remote controlled cars and Callum a golf set. All the boys get $100 each to spend after Christmas! Pretty cool I think!