Monday, January 08, 2007


On saturday morning I left this card for Neil because we wouldn't be seeing each other over night. When he got home from work he would discover this card on our kitchen counter as well as a bath bomb and two creams eggs. One for him and one for his son Callum (who would be over that night). Neil the little bugger ate his and then he ate Callums! Grrrr! Then on Sunday night he ate his cream egg and then mine! War on man! I hate to be without my chocolate!!!! Anyway inside the this card is all the cute stuff and then, Ps: I really really want a puppy! Hint hint! Lol! Saturday:

I went to Michelle's ( house on Saturday to scrap! Michelle managed to complete 1 LO and me this angel. (I brought it for $5.00 at target because it was damaged with black marks. I painted the marks silver and covered her in sequins and beads). Now I totally love her, she looks beautiful in my house.

Now anyway Michelle, I can't believe that u managed to finish the LO off and post it on the blog not long before I got back to Adelaide! Lol! Your boys are lovely and very smart little chickens! Ohh and love you fuffy yickens, lol (chickens) they rock!
Friday Night:
On Friday night Neil and I went out to dinner to montezumas. Mexican food is our favourite and I LOVE LOVE cocktails!

The place is so bright and funky I love it:

Colourful ribbons etc in the windows, awesome!
My Baby behind the cool rockin painted walls!

How is this for a bar!!!!

Me Neil and Callum just chilled out on Sunday! Callum got a new x-box game and we hired him some wrestling DVD's. I scrapbooked half a LO while watching a DVD called 2:37, about the lives of six teenagers and all the problems each are going thru. One is gay and his family hates it, one is gay and in denial, one has health problems, one girl is pregant by the guy who is gay, one was raped and pregnant by her brother. And one is has no real probelms (nice to everyone, and tries to help everyone) and she ends being the one who kills herself! Mmmm makes you think! The movie is rated R! Neil think it is depressing, I find it interesting! Neil cooked me and Callum a roast chicken on the BBQ! Then told me to sit down while he does the dishes, I love that man to death!