Thursday, January 11, 2007


I created a layout inspired by Nacy Noonju's piece of art called Waterholes on Cheruburn Station 2004. I love this :D

Every layout I create I want to be special. I don't like rushed layouts and I don't produce alot. So I like each one to have a meaning and a purpose.
This layout is about my best friend Amy. The layout is called Emerson ( her surname). I have known Amy for 15 years!! She is such a rockin soul! She is totally amazing and totally unique.
*Not a great scan* Totally bummed! Anyway to create the layout I first picked out my cardstock. This blush pink piece was perfect. (kinda rustic looking). I stuck the photo onto the card. I punched two holes (with a tiny punch) to thread the ribbon thru. (the ribbon is a pretty way of keeping the pic's and letters inside closed and private). I just added to tiny bit of doodling down the side on the photo.
To create the large circle accents, I painted all the circle chipboard silver and cream. Then I painted and placed the smaller circles on the page. I added other circle accents such as little PP punches, buttons, sequins and jewels. I then dotted around all the circles with a stylus tool. (in dark pink, light pink and silver paint). I then added a few little touches such as added jewels and dots on the sequins and PP punches. I added sequins and dots around all the chipboard circles. Then to finish off I went a little wild with swirls (made with white and silver gel pens) all around the circles.

Close up:

Cards are a really cool way of creating mini photo and journalling holders.

Inside the card: Two older pics of Amy when she was a teen. Sticking out underneath the pics are journalling. Under one photo is some journalling to my boys about Amy and the importance of friendship. Underneath the other photo is a letter I wrote to Amy on her birthday. (I told my boys that life is uncertain and it's good to tell people how much you love and admire them).

This is her list of talents and unique little things about her; "Ready to be inspired>?".
She has a science degree.
An honours degree in psychology.
A diploma in massage.
She works with the mentally impaired. (Trying each and everyday to improve their lives).
She can speak and write French.
She is now learning Spanish.
She creates amazing pieces of both fine and abstract art.
She is an indivdual and never ever follows trends. (instead she creates her own).
She is a human rights activist.
She is an animal rights actvist. (involved in nearly all of the organisantions).
She reads and reads and reads!
She wears retro clothes (creations of her own).
She beads awesome unique little stuff.
She has travelled to awesome little places around Europe.
"She loves Buddism". (Rock on).

Man there is just so much more.........Awesome girl she is!