Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Monday Day Number One:

Neil and I have all three boys for two weeks straight! Cool!

Owen creating in his bedroom, this is what Owen does best and he is amazing!

This is a simple model here, he is 6 and creates complex models designed for teenagers!

My dad brought the boys a 'real' tool set each! Mmmm >? Not sure. lol!

Caleb loves it! *The smile*

Callum Loves it to. (Neil got out some wood, etc from the shed for him to create).

The Boys got a slip and slide (a really really cool one) for Christmas!

My little chicken!



Caleb going down it :)

Callum going down it:

Owen goung down it>? Lol!

Later that night we had pizza with Craig and Ben! One of them farted, hence the laughter! Mmmm which one>?

Just before bedtime, Callum plays playstation, Owen the x-box, and Caleb the computer! Mmmm good set up hey!!! :D