Monday, January 15, 2007


I did this layout last night while Neil watched 'House'. I had fun mucking around with my gold, silver, white and black gel pens!! They are totally cool! The green and red dots on the page I made using an ink dotter these are sooooo cool, I brought them from my local stationary shop! (u could use a circle stamp and ink pad instead). The orange BG is cardstock and the white BG is a zig-zaged piece of cardstock. With my gold pen I did hand drawn swirls to connect the dots up. Then with all the gel pens I just went crazy doing little doodling things!

The layout is my Christmas layout for 2006. The boys waiting for santa on x-mas eve! In the photo is a beer (Neil's idea) and a cookie for santa! Owen made the little candle beside it. If you flip my layout over I stuck a file folder on the back with all the pics from the x-mas eve and Christmas day plus journalling!
The red and green dots represent Christmas lights and the doodling inbewteen represents the happiness, craziness and excitement of Christmas :)

Close up: