Thursday, January 18, 2007


Get it all out! When you keep stressors bottled up, they have a way of getting built up in your mind. Talk to an objective friend who can help you see that things may not be as bad as they may seem in this moment. Get a group of friends together on a regular basis to just let off steam. If you need more privacy while venting, there's always cussing in the car or the shower, typing out angry thoughts and letters that you will never send, or letting loose on "The Vent" message board!. Listening to other people vent can also have a cathartic effect.

My Vent:
Three boys, sometimes 5 boys, for two weeks straight is hard work! I know I can't look after more then two kids! I find it a really struggle emotionally and psychologically. I don't know how mothers with alot of children do it! I can't!! I'm not a very maternal person, especially now, in this time in my life. I have a new boyfriend, I have my children 50% of the time (so I have free time to myself) and I am starting to live for myself again! .....And It feels great! I got pregnant at 21, I had Owen at age 22, my ex partner worked ALL OF THE TIME (and was emotionally abusive) no one helped me look after my kids! (I did it all by myself 24/7). To make matters worse I was doing 2 uni degrees, I did all the cooking and cleaning, looking back no wonder I got depressed! My mind and body is still getting over it. It sucks, but I have impoved heaps since I met Neil.
It's great to be a mother, but life sucks if you don't have one. (If you know what I mean). I am a wee bit stressed but I love my boys to death! They go back to dad's house tommorrow, I am happy cos I get some peace, but I feel bad cos I feel that way! But really I don't care I am honest!!!

Things I do to de-stress: (at night when boys are in bed).

Hot shower / bubble bath.
Wear comfy clothes. (Pj's for me).
Watch a DVD. (Horror, action, thiller).
Do something creative. (scrapbooking, art, alter something).
Eat and drink yummy things! (coke and chocolate (little cadbury easter eggs for me).
I always, always have my candles going.
Oil burning, usually lavender. (calming).

The above is heaven for me!!! To keep sane, to keep happy, to keep the stress away!