Thursday, January 04, 2007

Beads and Cream Eggs :)

Blog! Man I love to blog! I love sharing my life with people and the things I get up to! Love it! I have my good days and bad days, but I LOVE my life! Really I do! I still need to achieve alot of things but I am really happy with the person I have turned into! (thru all of this). I can look back at my blog and see what I was up to 'back then' (good for jounalling in scrapbooking to).

Anyway today, I went to the shops! I really don't like them! *Crazy>?* Nup, to crowded for me with the sales on! I was meant to go and buy interesting little things for the boys to play with in the holidays, but instead I brought x-mas decorations. *What the>?* When I get sick of scraping I do beading! I have some cool plans for these decorations using my cool beads, will post a pic when finshed!

Cute story: Last night I asked Neil to go to the shops. To get me two things, just two things! 1 was coke the other chocolate cream eggs (yes easter eggs are out already, lol). He got the coke but not the eggs!!!! Grrrrr I was a wee bit annoyed! I love my chocolate! So when I was on the computer he went up to the shops and without me knowing placed them on the corners of the table! I took this pic! So cute!