Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Calm your senses

Has anyone everyseen those cute little 52 relaxing ritual cards you can buy at book stores>? They are so totally cool!
This is one card; Calm your senses!

'With the huge amount of stimulus in the world, it's
easy to go into sensory
overload. Isolate your individual senses -- sight,
taste, touch, smell, and
hearing -- and think about how to pamper each one.
Try using earplugs or a
blindfold to help you focus. What colors, textures,
lighting, smells and sounds
relax you? Are there ways to incorporate them in
your home, car, office? The
science of aromatherapy is based on the
principle that scents can be combined to
evoke a relaxed state of
consciousness. Are there certain scents that trigger
particularly happy
memories for you?'

My happiness and my way of relaxing is in this picture below. I sit on my lounge, watch a DVD (while scrapbooking), I have my lavender oil buring, candles lit up on my coffee table and around the room, while I have a glass of coke and some chocolate for a snack. Pure bliss for me.

Neil and I went out to dinner the other night at Gawler, called the Kingsford hotel. It's a very nice pub. The weather was warm, it was relaxing, quiet and Neil and I talked for ages. Guess what>? We got our food on these hot plates so that we could cook our own food. I had prawns and Neil had steak and pepper sauce. Yummy!

My baby: (who was freaked out seeing a raw hunk of steak on his plate, lol).

Our yummy food: