Tuesday, December 26, 2006

~ Christmas 2006 ~

On thursday night Neil and I had four kids running about the house! The two older boys Owen (6) and Christain (7) drove us crazy fighting all of the time! I hired them an x-box game to try and keep them quiet but no.... that made them fight even more! Grrrrr! In the end I put a star wars movie on for them to fall asleep in front of! It worked, lol :) The two younger two Caleb (4) and Taylor (3) played with beanie bears on the bed and watched Winnie the Pooh Season of Giving! They loved it!

On Friday night Neil picked and Callum from Pt Wakefield and I picked up my boys from my ex's house. We went and looked at some amazing Christmas displays all over Adelaide! Awesome night, back got home very late! Soooooo tired!

On Saturday Callum had his little friend Dane over for the day! (Above is a pic I took of my 5 boys, Neil, Callum, Dane, and my two boys Owen and Caleb). Dane is 10 years old and such a wonderful boy! Neil has known Dane for 4 years! His story is a bit said though! When he was a baby his biological father tried to kill him!!!!! His mother now suffers from depression! She sleeps all of the time and thus Dane doesn't have much of a home life! I feel really sorry for him! Neil and I LOVE having him over, he is such a beautiful boy!

This pic is of the four boys having lunch! Cooking for four growing boys is hard work! As I hate cooking! Lol!

This is a pic of the little buggers fighting! At the end of the day Callum had two sore red eyes and Caleb my four year old had a black eye!!!!!

After lunch we had a lolly hunt! Neil and I hid 160 lollies all over the backyard! All four boys had a bag to collect the lollies in! They had sooooo much fun! We helped Caleb out abit! :)

On Christmas eve we had my parents over for a hot turkey lunch. These are just a few pics of Neil (and his ho ho ho hat) and our boys!

Caleb and his new batman costume! The day before he was buzz and the day before that he was spiderman! Cute!

This is Owen sitting quietly and eatting lollies from a Christmas stocking my parents gave him!

This is Callum playing with the new professional golf clubs my dad brought him.

Dane loved the golf clubs also! (For Christmas Neil and I got Dane a new DVD and lots of yummy food and drink for him to take home! Just in case his mum doesn't get him anything for Christmas).

Christmas eve night! A beer and cookie for santa! And a little red Christmas candle (that Owen made) for Santa to find his way in the dark.

Christmas Morning! Callum woke up at 6am! OMG! So we had to wake up my boys! Caleb didn't want to get out of bed, he was cold, lol!

Owen's BAD bed hair! But he was happy to get up, what a shock! (he hates getting up for school).

Boys x-mas morning, as u get imagine........ TOTALLY exited! To make it even more magical Neil sprinkled flour all over the floor on Christmas eve (to make it look like it came off Santa). The effect was awesome! He cleaned it up lol, not me!



Neil and I Christmas morning! Our first ever Christmas together! My baby brought me an amazing mp3 player! Lucky girl I am!

This is caleb and some of his Christmas presents:
and Owen.

What is the first thing Caleb does after he opens his presents>? He runs for the trampoline and jumps up and down with his superman cape on! Looks really cute from the window! A mini superman in our backyard! He is really good on it! He can jump really high!
Neil and the Christmas Teddy and little flower I got him! He also got an MP3 stero for the lounge!

Neil and I had to give our boys to our other partners at 11am! Then we had the whole afternoon/night to ourselves! Totally exhausted from looking after all the kiddies! We spent x-mas lunch at my brother houses and had a great day!

Our first Christmas together! I love this beautiful and amazing man! He has rocked my world! Totally the best present eva!!!!

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