Monday, December 18, 2006

Another Weekend and Stuff!

Wooden Flower Pot:
Neil brought me some flowers in a wooden box. He said if he had the time he would of painted the box it and wrote something soppy on it. (I would have loved to see what he would have created, lol!).
I spent Friday night watching DVD's and decorating it instead. I had fun....and I like the result! More sequins I have OCD, when it comes to sequins at the moment! (I can't seem to get enough of them). I just used old scrap papers and these wicked little heart buttons I picked up at spotlight! (Just love that store). The sequin colours are 'totally off' in the pic!

The Boys:
I took these pics Saturday morning just before the boys left to go to Andrew house. The spike is 'in' at the moment! Owen has what I call a funky fringe spike and Caleb has the 'Vanilla Ice Spike'. Lol!

My boys are so cute looking, but deadly! Esp, Caleb the little one! I took scrapbook canvas outside to paint and left my entire craft paint collection on the table! Caleb the "little bugger" decided the lawn would like nicer in colours! Yes, my paint ended up on the back lawn! Grrrrr! Now I need new paints! I am totally annoyed to say "the least"!

Neil and I stayed at the Barrosa Valley again this weekend for another x-mas function! Not sure about anyone else but I hate going to these things! I get really nervous before-hand, then I am fine once I start drinking! You meet some nice people but still grrrr, boring! I love going to family/friends parties but not work related stuff (when it is not my work friends and they talk about work!). I am a little bugger! lol! I got my hair curled it cost $65.00! lol! I will do it myself next time. I could have put the money towards a really good hair straightner :(

One week until Christmas!
I can't believe that in one weeks time Christmas will be here! I still have to get a whole heap of lollies and little toys to hide outside on Christmas eve for the boys to find!
Tonight Neil and I are wrapping up all of the presents and hiding them in the shed!

*I posted on the Blue Bazaar website, first time I have posted on an Australia website in years! Just want to share my layouts and stuff with everybody!*