Friday, December 29, 2006

Mr Owl

Ohhh look how cute my little owl is! I brought him a few days ago! I love him! For the moment he is sitting on my TV! But I have some creative plans for his new home!
I have been on a creative / buying rampage for the past few days! Just stuff for around the house!
I'll post bit by bit! (some stuff is still have half finished). I haven't created a layout in a month! Need to get my butt into action! I would like to finish just one layout this long weekend if I can!

New years eve, we have no kids and plans at the moment! I don't feel like going out! I might but I don't feel like it! But then I hate staying home to>? Grrrrr! I drive myself crazy sometimes! No idea what to do!

Neil and I are going out to dinner tonight, then maybe a a few drinks at the grand hotel! Beautiful can't wait!


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