Saturday, December 30, 2006

Most of my 2006 Layouts!

I really didn't do alot of layouts this year, but I plan to next year. Bring on 2007! :)

Make-up (boy style):
My DS Caleb got into my friends new $20 hair gel and put the whole lot in his hair! Grrrrr! I added make-up to his face and took this pic! Good 21st pic to get him back I think! He he!

Cool in da Pool:

My DS Caleb at our local outdoor pool! He totally loves the water!

Smile Yer Right:
Both of my boys and my best friend Amy on Owen's birthday. Caleb is doing the 'I am dead trantrum'. Little bugger he is! After the pic is taken he smiles! Grrrrrr!
Gentle Spirit:
My DS Owen and how gentle and kind he is for a boy! ;)

Orange Eyes:
My DS Owen with his cool swimming googles on! He also LOVES the pool!

Grade One:
Owen first day of school! Very simple layout for me.

All I want:
Christmas 2005, all I wanted that year was my boys with me. I was in court with my ex days before Christmas. How things have changed for me this year for me! Thank god :)

Magic Mushroom:
My DS Caleb at a really cool pool in Adeliade. They have mushrooms that spray water.

Our room:
My boys room at our old house in Mawson lakes in 2005. They have a bigger and better room now. I am in the process of creating that for them right now.

Real Women Can Stand Alone:
I did this layout just before I met Neil. (April 2006). I have everything on the list, but not the masters degree! Wishful thinking! When I created this layout I was a single mama on my own.

Observe Art:
One of my favourite places to go is the art gallery. Owen my eldest DS loves art, I took him on a special trip to the art gallery. I took the pic below.

Ball Crawl:
Just Owen having some 'free' play! How fun it is to be a child.

I will Never:
Take my family for granted! When bad things happen my family is always there for me, esp my parents> I wouldn't have lived thru my bad experience if it wasn't for them. My boys helped me also by just being.... well MY BOYS! I love them more then life itself.
My favourite Scent:
Just a fun one :)

The first layout I did after I met Neil. It is the first layout of me and Neil! It is one of the most important layouts about me. It defines me and my past and my future.

The wait:
This is the first layout I have done for Neils son Callum.

School Boy:
Owen's school layout.

Postnatal Depression:
My story about the horrible experience I went thru.

Monthly Anniversary:
Love this layout of us :)

Four in the bed:
This scanned up crap, but it looks cool IRL! Neil and all three of our boys having fun!

DS Caleb turning four! My cutie!

Special YOU:
Neils birthday!

Family Tree:
First family layout! Klimt inspired! Had fun with this one.

Telling my boys about the importance of each other! My boys / me and my brother :)

Thanks for looking :)

Love me xoxox