Friday, December 15, 2006

Next Stage of My Life:

I celebrated my 29th birthday on Wednesday with my parents, boys and Neil! We just had dinner at our local pub (everything is booked out this time of year and I wasn't feeling 100%). Boys brought me some chocolates and a card! This is Owen's cute pic he drew on the inside! I am a fairy and above is bird in the air! Sooooo cute!

I got perfume, money, flowers and a massive scrapbook order! Neil got me the scrapbook stuff, I'll take a pic when I get it in the post! Soooooo *HAPPY*
Heart - Mini -Album!
I haven't scrapped in what seems like AGES!!! On Wednesday I went to spotlight and brought a cool little black and white album for $7.00, a felt heart (x-mas decoration), coloured sequins, jelly labels and five rolls of awesome ribbon! ......and I made this! An album to display pics of me and Neil! 7 pages = 7 photos = 7 months we have been together! I had lots of fun making this and it was quick and easy! On the side of the album is a little 'L' for L-O-V-E! It is a mobile phone charm, these make really cool little album accents!

Last night I was cooking tea and Neil called me away! I had hot oil on the stove! It when up in flames! Neil grabbed the pot and burt his hand really bad :( Poor thing! I took him to the doctors and made him rest on the lounge! My cat Olivia is sooooo in love with him! As soon as she saw Neil on the lounge she ran to sleep with him! :D

My House:
I sold my house at Mawson Lakes today! It was sold in a week! One person made an offer by just driving past! It was inspection by apt only, the first person who went in brought it! We did the house up beautiful in last 18 months! But I am glad it's gone! Memories from my past life! Now I turn the page to my new life.......
*Anway I can't wait to get my scrap order......I can't post a pic.......and most of all I can't wait to PLAY!!!!*