Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Top 10! (well first 2)

I got this challenge from Kathie Link's blog.

I want you all to post in your blogs 10 of your layouts. It doesn't matter if you've already uploaded them to your blog before - just think of it as giving us all a "refresher".Now - these 10 layouts - they have to be a *certain* 10. I want to see the 10 layouts which are either:

(a) your favourite 10 layouts; or
(b) the 10 layouts that you're most proud of; or
(c) 10 layouts that have some really special significance*** ; or
(d) a combination of any of the above!*** I know that *all* our pages are special and signficant - but i'm referring to those layouts that really have that extra "meaning" to you...AND! finally!

add you link to your LO's here: http://alistafford.blogspot.com/2007/02/my-top-ten.html

I have only added two because I have to re-scan and re-stich my LO's. I hate stiching so I thought I would added the LO's as I find the time to stich the buggers together!

MY FIRST Layout: "Remember When". This is by far my most favourite layout of all time. It was published in CK US August 2005 edition. It took eight hours straight just to do the dots!

A close-up of those bloody dots:

My SECOND layout: "Postnatal Depression". This layout has so much meaning to me! It's my story about my struggle with postntal depression. I wanted it to be postive, as it's someting that all woman can overcome with help! (hence the reason for the quote, bright colours and sequins). This is such a "get real LO". I love that!

Ok more to come, I promise! I have so many old LO's that I love!