Tuesday, March 06, 2007

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Tha art of motherhood:
I did this layout 3 years ago! I love this layout because it has my feelings about motherhood, when motherhood was new to me! It was a time of madness! Even though I love my boys to death I am so glad my life is not like that anymore! *Crap scans's sorry, but I have added two close-up's.*

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Journaling Reads:
What is "The Art of Motherhood"? What gives women the skills and abilities to become full fledged mothers? I have absolutely no idea! What I do know, is that motherhood is the hardest, most challenging task I have ever encountered. The day I became a mother, was the day my life irreversibly changed. I believe from that day my whole physical, psychological and emotional being had been permanently altered. I changed from a 22 year old woman, the life of whom revolved around university, clothes shopping, cafe dining and spending time with my partner to a 22 year old mother, the life of whom now revolved around spending time at home, wearing anything that was comfortable, looking after a baby and having absolutely no quality time to myself. My journey into motherhood was a huge shock. It was not made any easier by the fact that I had no idea how to look after a baby, and "natural instincts"? I just didn't seem to have them! I survived, as many other mothers do, with lots of encouragement and support from my family. Unknown to me the real test was still to come two and a half years later when my second child was born. My workload load only increased with this demanding baby that refused to sleep, a toddler amidst the battles for independence and ensuing tantrums upon defeat, an untidy house and several subjects from a University degree. When I look at this photo of my boys sitting on my lap I am transported back to a time of complete and utter exhaustion, a time in my life that I do not wish to relive. Motherhood has sacrificed many things dear to me, but it was for the cause of performing my most significant role, the nurturing and the raising of my sons.