Monday, March 05, 2007

See this girl on the hospital bed.....

......she is a real life wonder woman. Her name is Angie and she is only 32, the mother of a 2 year old and was just recently married to my cousin. Two weekends ago she was facing death, and had only a few more weeks to live if that! Her skin was green, her eyes yellow.........she looked terrible! Last weekend she got a liver transplant that saved her life.

Last week, my brother, Em his girlfriend, Neil (all in the pic) and I went to visit her. She was emotional when we first started taking to her but then she become high in spirits! She told us for years and years she has missed out on living life! As soon as she gets better she wants to go away on a holiday with us all! (so sweet). And it will happen!

This 32 year old girl is amazing and so is my cousin and their little boy.
My cousin Paul married Angie in June 2006 in case she died waiting for a liver.
Their little boy Brandon was a miracle baby and should never have been born!
Wow, what a family!

Angie is my real life super hero! For months she was facing deaths door and didn't even have life to look forward to! How did she do that>? I am so amazed at her strength!

I have taken this pic above (it was the only one that turned out ok due to the bad lighting in the room) and framed it and put it next to a wonder woman figure I brought a week ago! Awesome! (I will post a pic).

Love me!

Ps: I hope this inspires everyone to became an organ donor!