Sunday, June 07, 2009


First of all Niall and I discussed yesterday that we are going to get started on the inside and outside renovations to our house. First up we are going to paint the walls, almost every single wall in the entire house, mind you. I want to keep the colours very light, so my rooms look bigger, so that a can use wallpaper and coloured prints and items around my house. I want my home decor to reflect my scrapbook style. I want a light cream painted walls with a vinatge text wallpaper (I can't find it yet but I'm looking for it) and brightly coloured prints. I want one klimt painting (one of my favourite artists), and various abstract artwork including lots of original aboriginal paintings. I love aborginal art!!! My neighbour who lives across the road is an aboriginal man by the name of Merit! (I love that name by the way). Niall come up to me a few months ago and said I have a surprise for you but you have to come across the road to Merits house! I thought he was going to show me a litter of puppy's but it was his collections of Didjeridu's that he had made by hand the traditional way and hand painted himself. (a Didjeridu is a long wooden instrument which you make music by blowing out through your mouth and breathing in through your nose). He also had a small collection of dot paintings on black canvas pieces! He makes the didjeridu's by getting a piece of wood (approx. 1.5 metres), hollowing it out at both ends by nesting termites and smoothing the mouthpiece with gum. The tradional way. He does this outside in his little shed. He told me that his son is an artist also but he has his own website and a large collection of pieces. How cool!! I must take a photo of Merit with all of his Didjeridu's sometime this week. (and scrapbook it in my stories mini album).

I found these awesome aboriginal art pieces on

The end!

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