Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bit's and pieces!

Niall and I looked after 5 kids last night! Omg! It's hard work! We had my kids (7 and 9), my ex partners wifes two kids (6 and 10) and their 13 month old baby together! I asked to look after them!! The baby is totally yummy and I mean I love them to death!!!! We had lots of fun and the baby was easy but I think the only problem was that we aren't used to so many kidlets and the noise! OMG! The night is ok for me but I HATE MORNINGS! I just DON'T DO THEM!!! I love getting up to a peaceful, quite house in the morning! It takes my brain to long to get working in the morning!

Anway tonight will be great, just dinner out, just the two of us! Tommorrow night we'll be watching this movie below! I love thillers, I think it sounds great!

Set in Australia in a remote fishing town, happily married Rob and Jess have been trying to have a baby for three long years and she is becoming desperate. In a drunken mistake, she sleeps with Evan, a young stranger come to town whose interest in her borders on the obsessive. The day she discovers she is pregnant, Jess' guilt turns to horror as Evan begins a terrifying transformation from stalker to psychopath, determined to prove paternity of the child and claim.

Studio Calico!
I don't even have October's kit and November's kit is on sale next week! Niall tell's me don't worry, you'll have twice as much to play with! It's true, but he just doesn't understand that scrapbook mama's aren't happy when there packages arrive late, real late! I remember when I used to do a twopeas order that would take about 5 days to arrive! What's up with Australia post>? Has it changed>? Maybe my box may have been caught up in Sydney as it's happened once before, but that was like nearly 7 years ago! It's taken almost 3 weeks to arrive! I should get my bloody kit on Monday! It's packed fill with $250 worth of product! Three kits, lots of extra papers, cardstock, heaps of coloured floss and 6 maya road mists! It better come!

Ok below is November sneek peak!

This is markplace the main kit:

This add-on 1 called street fair:

This is add-on 2 called fleamarket:

This a add-on 3 called bazzar:

My boys!
Owen got his orange belt in karate last Sunday! He's good real good at fighting, he loves it!

This is Caleb do long jump at sports day on Friday!

He had number 14 below and scored himself 1st place! Plus he won another 2nd place for running 70m! He almost won! (lost by a half a foot) I think went wayyy to fast at the start!
I'm so proud of them both! That are doing good at sport but more important both the boys are super intelligent!

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