Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wish List/Old layout/Flickr Rooms

("I am hand creating a banner for above")

This is my scrappy wish list right now. I want to play with the alcohol inks and have wanted to do so for ages now but it cost heaps to set up!! So that's my scrappy wish list what's yours?

Ok as promised a layout from the past. I did this in 2007! I was pregnant here at 38 weeks with my first Child Owen, almost 10 years ago now! Wow the time passes so quickly! The day after this photo was taken my boys was born and was born on Australia Day! I was sooooo scared of giving birth for the first time! I was only 22 when I had Owen! This layout has heaps of journalling under the belly photo and a photo of baby Owen. The little book underneath the belly photo is the facts about the diferent stages of labour! I good read for my boys now I think!! lol!

I LOVE checking out all the homes and backyards on flickr!!! One of my most favourite galleries is the "granny chic" (retro vintage) decor group! I just adore this style so much! It's modern, arty and funky but very cosy to live in! I have 204 picture favorites and it's growing! Here are some random pics and the links to these ladies flickr sites!

I just adore this laundry so much! It just makes u wanna well 'wash'. It's so nana looking, cute, girly and cosy! It's giving me some ideas! I love the pink painted doors and all the vintage bits and pieces!

I love this awesome retro vintage table soooo much! Well I just love everything about this dinning room! I love the prints and how the books are all ordered in colours!

This lounge is just so cosy, it makes me wanna go in and read a magzine on that lounge! I love all the different seats and the reto nana cushions!

Lisa xoxo
ps: who is still waiting for her studio calico kit for October!!!! NOT HAPPY! Last month I got my kit on the 20th of the month and today is the 7th and still NOTHING! It's been 3 weeks today! Grrrrrrrr! Everyone that has posted on Studio Calico has their bloody kit!!!!! It better come in the next hour or so!!!!

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