Monday, October 26, 2009

A look back.....

("I am hand creating a banner for above")

I only post my layouts once, so I though I would take a journey back to all my 8.5x11 layouts! I have had a ball with this size :) Inspired by my buddy Steph, I have posting my layouts on, Scrapin Style Tv, plus flickr, my blog, Studio Calico and two peas and it's been fun sharing again!

This is my Bubble Beard layout I created in October of 2007, two years ago! I love this photo soooo much! It brings back great memories! I used to bath with my baby boys and do all sorts of crap to them, like putting bubbles on their face (bubble beards) and in their hair (creating punks).

Lisa xoxo

ps: more to come.......

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