Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My goal this year is do 1 layout a day or 7 layouts in a week! I want to concentrate on the journaling, or more importantly the little everyday stories that need to be told! I looked back at all my old layouts the other day and I found that I was more connected to (and loved) the layouts with journaling! As they tell a story, that in the future I might have forgot about! I have almost done 3 layouts this week already! (so I'm happy about that and more importantly the all tell a story). The first layout I did was about Owen getting his Orange belt in Karate, my second layout is about what we did Halloween 2009 and my third layout is about our first family photo taken in 2006!!! I also wanna try and keep up with this years scrapbooking month by month and I'm behind already! (I hope to catch up this weekend).

I'll post all my layouts together each Sunday ;)